My teaching concept merges the fingerboard awareness that I received from both Dick Evans and Chuck Wayne including an extensive vocabulary of chord voicings,substitutions and arpeggios with the rhythmic and harmonic advances of Lennie Tristano.I have worked very hard to make my improvised line a reflection of jazz history not just a mirror of the history of jazz guitar. I have transcribed and learned a few solos from each of the great improvising masters. Some of this material does not lay all that well on the guitar, but, opens up worlds of melodic devices that free the player. My belief is that jazz guitar should reflect all instruments when possible. Also I have created numerous exercises that allow a guitarist to approach the harmonic tendencies of composers who influenced Bird, Bud, and Lennie, ie. Debussy, Ravel, Bartok, Ives. This allows me greater freedom of chord movement and permits reharmonisation of standards without disregarding the form of the song. Nothing I play is random. My goal is to help students find their own voice and move jazz forward not just reflect what has already occurred. Also, I emphasize the study of the great jazz masters. I teach improvising on guitar,bass,horns and vocal.                      
   The study of the classical guitar has always been a deep interest of mine. Although I rarely play this music in public I have always maintained a fairly complete repetoire and have enjoyed teaching this genre for the length of my career. .
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