From Mercy College Concert:  review by Steve Bornfeld....A Guitar is just a guitar. But put it in the hands of Peter Prisco and it jumps to life..anyone within earshot must heed it's call.
  the Peter Prisco Trio paid a visit to the Lecture Hall of the Dobbs Ferry campus on Sunday, April 17th leaving a trail of smooth sophisticated jazz in its wake. The trio consits of Prisco, Earl Sauls on bass, and Peter Scattaretico on drums.
Over 50 people were present as Prisco displayed his prowess. He coherently fused technical brilliance with emotionally charged playing. He is a study in the pure love of playing.
  Prisco got rock steady support from his colleagues. Bassist Earl Sauls was always heard and felt, laying down a steady pulse. When the opportunity arose he weaved imaginative solos.
   Drummer Peter Scattatetico kept faultless time, and his technique on the brushes (which he used throughout) was very assured. The interplay between Sauls and Scat was often inspired, with each one reacting well to the other.
   Alternating between hard-driving swing and reflective ballads, they never let the audience forget that this was a class act.But the spotlight never strayed from Peter Prisco. Setting his guitar and his listener's ears on fire, he was a joy throughout. I could easily imagine him on the same stage with legendary jazz guitarists such as Joe Pass, Barney Kessel and Herb Ellis.
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