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"IT'S ABOUT TIME" with Lou Stelluti
"YESTERDAY'S FUTURE" with Vin Ruggieri, Earl Sauls, Pete Scattaretico.
Peter Prisco also appears on Fr. Stan Fortuna's CD "FR. STAN concert with Carmen Leggio, Lou Stelluti,Joe Stelluti and Peter Scattaretico. Fr. Stan Fortuna has recorded with Warne Marsh and was a member of Lennie Tristano's last quartet with Warne Marsh and Peter Scattaretico.
CADENCE MAGAZINE  Review of "It's About Time"
"This may be the only record that Peter Prisco has recorded under his own name. It's a pity, since this guitarist has immense technique at his fingers. He can authoritatively work in the trumpet style, but often his lines flow into chordal patterns and then back into trumpet lines..Another line will suddenly transform itself into a walking bass, creating neat counterpoint with the bass player. On the liner, Prisco thanks his teacher Sal Mosca, surely an important source for the guitarist's scrupulously intellectual improvisations."
Krin Gabbard
CADENCE MAGAZINE Review  of "Yesterday's Future" ..paints a portrait of timeless,straight-ahead Jazz with homage to the standards we've grown close to over the years. Guitarist Peter Prisco emphasizes lyricism on both the slow ballads and tearing romps. All the elements show up: outside muical quotes,fours, solo work, natural counterpoint and Prisco's lyrical intrumental. Their interpretation of a slow blues becomes a synonym for passion. Guitar,bass, and piano dig in and release heartfelt emotion. The album's even balance of slow ballads and fast romps gives the listener a mainstream session filled with natural forms of communication."  Jim Santella
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Following Review appeared in Februaary Edition of JUST JAZZ GUITAR MAGYesterday’s Future is a Live Studio recording of first takes by the Peter Prisco/Peter Scattaretico Quartet with Vinnie Ruggieri (piano) and Earl Sauls(bass). These gentlemen have a long association together and it comes through on this CD, that they’re having fun! Peter Prisco studied extensively with Dick Evans and Chuck Wayne, and both he and drummer Peter Scattaretico have been deeply involved with the music of Lennie Tristano. Peter’s guitar playing incorporates lyrical chordal improvisation with an adventurous flair, and he’s not afraid to take chances. Peter clearly has something to say and his harmonic sense along with monster technique draw the listener in. The opening track, “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” , showcases Peter’s ability to weave long melodic lines at a blazing tempo. His command of the instrument enables him to just keep soaring - the group is swinging. On the ballad “But Beautiful” , his warm tone and legato sound sing, his interpretation of the melody is refreshing, employing two part lines and sensitive chord solos. Peter pays tribute to Kenny Burrell with Kenny’s composition, “Blues for Del”. When I first heard it I thought it was a different guitarist! He plays with an understanding of the tradition – he just breathes the blues. There is a real comfortable feel to the recording itself, as if you’re a guest in the room -well recorded and mixed. The guitar sound is beautiful ( he plays a 1948 Gibson L12P with a floating DeArmond pickup that Chuck Wayne got for him many years ago). All of these gentlemen are accomplished musicians who listen to and support each other. Vinnie Ruggieri and Peter do some wonderful two part improvisation on “What a Difference a Day Made” and “I Love You”, while Peter Scattaretico and Earl Sauls keep the driving intensity going. The Session closes with a beautiful rendition of “My Old Flame”, demonstrating that this quartet loves playing together.. The other tracks on this CD are “Ash Wednesday”, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” and “Broadway”. Prior to receiving this CD for review I had only heard of Peter Prisco. Now I’ve heard him! ---- Peter Prisco is a guitarist who is deserving of greater recognition, check him out at .Reviewed by Dennis DiGregorioDennis gigs and teaches in the NY metropolitan area and can be reached at